Vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle tracking systems employs a number of devices fitted on a vehicle and special software to be able to give the exact location of a given vehicle. Today many vehicle owners are fitting their vehicles with tracking systems for various reasons.  Whereas owners of personal car fit their vehicle with vehicle tracking systems for security reasons, fleet companies fit their vehicles with tracking systems to improve efficiency in fleet management.  Tracking systems provide information such as the vehicle’s speed, location and even working condition which is very essential to the owner of the vehicle especially if the owner has a third part using the vehicle.

Vehicle tracking systems comes in different designs and employ different technologies. The three most popular vehicle tracking systems are satellite based systems, cellular systems and wireless passive vehicle tracking systems. Each vehicle tracking system has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the usages and therefore may be suitable for a particular situation and not the other.

Cellular vehicle tracking systems are the cheapest of the three, but monthly subscriptions have to be paid to the tracking company. They employ cellular technology to track a given vehicle; however,   this technology does not relay information in real time and therefore might not be very effective. The wireless passive systems use tracking devices located in the car and a reader at the entrance to the garage.   The devices record all information about the car which is read when the vehicle goes to the garage using the wireless reader. Satellite tracking systems provide real time information on the whereabouts of a given vehicle. These are the most ideal vehicle tracking systems for fleet managers.

Vehicle tracking systems are today commonly employed by transportation companies to help monitor the fleet by providing information such as routing, the vehicle progress and dispatching.  Tracking devices in personal cars are mostly used to prevent vehicle theft. This helps the police in tracking down a stolen car and makes recovery of such a car easy.  Vehicle tracking systems are now important party of automotive industry.

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